The School of Education 和心理学 (SOEP) located in the Walter Washington Administration/Classroom Building (WWACB), also offers a non-teaching degree in psychology for students who plan to pursue graduate studies in psychology and related fields. You also can pursue a bachelor’s degree in general studies, working with your advisor to create a personalized program of study.


In 2015, pg电子游戏试玩’s School of Education 和心理学 received initial accreditation for seven years from the Council for the 认证 of Educator Preparation (CAEP). The 2015 review included the following programs: Elementary Education, 生物学, 英语, 数学, 音乐, 体育课, Social Science and Master of Arts in Teaching ( MAT). The next accreditation visit will use the 制定标准 and is scheduled for Spring 2022.

ASU Quality Assurance System

LiveText is a Course Management System that allows students to organize and complete online assignments for the School of Education.

CAEP Annual Reporting Measures

LiveText is a Course Management System that allows students to organize and complete online assignments for the School of Education.


Department of 健康, 体育课, and Recreation

Office of Field Experiences and Student Teaching

As you enter into your practicum experiences in the field, beginning with course- based observations and culminating with student teaching, we would like to welcome and congratulate you on your decision to become future educators.


Scores for the CORE/AREA exam are sent through the mail to the address that was put on the exit examination application. Students should give two weeks from test date for exams to be reviewed and graded.

是的, it is possible to attend only in the summer and obtain a master’s degree. This only applies at the master’s degree level.

The 教育部 和心理学 administers a curriculum for undergraduate majors in Elementary Education, 一般的研究, 和心理学. 另外, the department offers courses for secondary teacher education majors that will meet the state requirements for certification in the various teaching areas on the secondary levels.

Undergraduates should consult a teacher education advisor as soon as they decide to pursue teacher education. 教育程度 & certification at pg电子游戏试玩 are designed to be completed within the four-year program but there are certification requirements which must be completed during the four year time period.

The Degree in Elementary Education requires a total of 124 Credit Hours of approved course work in order to receive at the Bachelor’s level.

是的, All students majoring in Elementary Education may obtain a concentration in nursery, 数学, 社会研究, 语言艺术, 阅读, 等. by successfully completing 21 additional hours.

To find out who your advisor is, students should see the Advisement page, located under the 教育部 和心理学 tab to the right.

SOEP教员 & 工作人员


Dr. LaShundia卡森
Dean, School of Education 和心理学

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夫人. 格雷琴扣
Special Assistant to the Dean/Certification Analyst

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